From Ethiopia to Afghanistan, from Colorado to the Philippines: the other New Year’s Eve

On Madeera in Ethiopia The hope for a better year in 2022 is a woman displaced from Chifra. Due to the Tigray war, he is building a house for his family thanks to a housing project for Afar herders.

Hope from Israel, which launched the campaign for the administration of fourth dose of vaccination for people most vulnerable to the coronavirus amid a wave of infections due to the Omicron variant. The first doses were injected into heart and lung transplant patients at Israel’s Sheba Medical Center on Friday morning.

They are mostly women and children 120 Rohingya refugees were rescued today, by Indonesian authorities in Aceh after their boat was damaged and drifted with a broken engine. The image is reminiscent of the second half of 2017, when around 100,000 Rohingya Muslims fled oppression by the Burmese army in Rakhine State.

Two photos arrive from Kabul that summarize the dramatic situation of the country that is ruled by the Taliban four months after they came to power: A man observes the images of women defaced with spray paint and a group of workers sort tomatoes on the traffic island of a street in the capital of Afghanistan.

Hundreds of thousands of people inside Philippines They are preparing to pass this New Year’s Eve in tents and other temporary accommodation, Two weeks after Typhoon Rai hit its shores, killing more than 400 people. Half a million people were left homeless.

In Colorado On New Year’s Eve, over 500 houses were destroyed in a devastating series Forest fires caused by winds up to 169 km per hour and from a historic drought.

On the island The Palm tree In Canaries Then the time has come for reconstruction The eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano Duration 85 days. Military emergency units are working to clear areas hardest hit by the lava and ash that covered homes and streets.

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