Enrico Borghi leaves the Democratic Party for Italia Viva: “With Schlein a maximalist party”

New farewell in the ranks of Elly Schlein’s Democratic Party after Andrea Marcucci’s in the last few days.

The Senator Enrico Borgo leaves the Democratic Party because “it has become home to a left-leaning maximalist daughter cancel cultures American who doesn’t synthesize and doesn’t dialogue,” he says in an interview with The Republicannouncement of Transition to Italia Viva by Matteo Renzi because he “believes in a new reformist project as an alternative to the right and differs from this Pd”.

Borghi is convinced “that instead there is a moderate constituency that needs a home. “After the election of Schlein e I presented the issues of security and defenseof Catholics and Democrats, of a need for one Synthesis between cultures“, emphasizes. “In these matters I did not get an answer and as we know, in politics, silence is more important than spoken words. Instead, I heard clear words on another page, namely thereplacement uterus: The secretary of the Democratic Party said she was in favor and kindly counted on speaking to the party she leads about it.

There is “a path from cultural homologationdictated by external powers, speaking of the weak and then facilitating the exploitation of the weakest.” Borghi is referring to “a culture that originated in the United States. A very strong urge to talk about rights separate from duties.” His “is an individual choice,” he reiterates. “I do not create divisions and I do not proselytize.” For the senator, “if a political space is not organized, we will arrive at a Meloni who will take over a reflective and Catholic piece of the world”.

Borghi believes that Renzi “could contribute to the birth of a new theme together with other personalities”.

The senator had been indicated by the Copasir Pd member: “If I had been President of Copasir, I would have resigned – he comments – but in my position as an opposition MP I respect parliamentary practice and also the role for which I am destined became “.

This is another departure from Elly Schlein’s Democratic Party, following the departure of the senator Andrew Marcucci.

On April 22, the former dem leader announced that he had not renewed his Pd card for 2023. “I will not extend the Pd card for 2023, Elly Schlein’s party is very far from what I think. I will meet the new secretary in the next few days to explain the reasons for my decision. The Democratic Party still has a very important function: in order to compete with the 5 stars, the possibility of building an alternative to the right still depends on a sharp reduction in Conte’s party. He writes on social media. “As for the third pole, it is better to focus on the concrete hypothesis of the federation, not on the individual party,” he adds. “I feel obliged to work on it, I’m an incorrigible optimist, we’ll make it.”

Renzi: Borghi’s arrival is good, Iv continues to grow

In his Enews, Matteo Renzi observes how “Italia Viva is not only growing in terms of membership. Italia Viva is growing primarily politically”. “After the dreadful week of the breakup of the one-party project, virtually all exponents of the reformist world are once again issuing positive statements about the need to build a list/coalition/federation/political entity that represents renew Europe in Italy. If the ideal of an alternative European pole to sovereigns and populists is close to our hearts, we must not miss this opportunity – he adds – and we will do everything to work with others with courage and humility”.

For Renzi, “this approach is an approach that arouses interest. Citizens, councillors, managers of other parties, administrators sign up for Italia Viva all over Italy. Senator Enrico Borghi joined us today and announced his accession to the IV delle Columns republic. His interview is very nice and deserves to be read in its entirety. It is indeed an interview that talks about politics, that explains the importance of making a decision based on politics, that is a hymn to politics,” he concludes.

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