Arrigo Vecchioni, his sister Francesca, publishes a photo with his brothers: the memory is moving

Almost a week has passed since then, like a bolt from the blue, Vecchioni family announced the death of Arrigo, the second of the Brianza singer-songwriter’s four children Roberto Vecchioni passed away on April 18 at the age of 36. When the message was delivered, the family members asked for calm and respect for the grief: Now the time has come Francesca Vecchioni breaking the confidentiality by posting an exciting photo on Instagram showing all her brothers together. In the shot, she and her sister Carolina can be seen hugging Edoardo and Arrigo, all happy and carefree on a summer evening filled with laughter and affection. No comments, just speak to the power of this image. Many expressions of affection and condolences were posted in the comments.

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