“Enough of genocide in the south, if you don’t stop we will kill you”

A threatening letter in pure Mafia style that the Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomies, Robert Calderoli, Complaint you have received in the last few hours. He is relying on social media to communicate the intimidating warning that has been sent to him:

“In these last days of August I received a letter in which they informed me in text form:If you don’t stop implementing genocidal policies toward the South, we will kill you with our firepower. “We’re the mafia, it doesn’t cost us anything to kill you.” I’m not afraid of threats, I am not afraid and move on until I recognize regional autonomy. And then I’ll retire on my tractor.”

Facebook Roberto Calderoli

The text of the letter received from the Minister

Immediate, non-partisan solidarity and closeness, starting with the prime minister melons who defines writing as “an unworthy act which must be condemned with absolute determination”. Forward together, with heads held high“. Other government colleagues from Tajani To Box yourselfout of Santanché To dense, express words of affection and closeness to the representative of the Northern League. But there are also gestures of solidarity by members of the opposition Raffaella Paita (IV) to the Senators of the 5 star movementof Democratic Party and from Green Left Alliance.

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