Eight women killed in seven days: Politicians talk about “preventing feminicides”. I wonder how

Eight women killed in seven days. And politicians are talking about a “law to prevent femicides”.

I wonder how. How can one legally prevent a woman from being killed by her husband, partner, ex or son? At best, politics could act properly hold those families who struggle in complete isolation with the serious and protracted illness of a family member. Because perhaps politicians act as if they don’t realize that in the figures and statistics about murdered women there are also increasing cases in which the husband accepts that the wife is bedridden, seriously ill or disabled.

But back to the eight women killed in seven days.

This is the list of victims from September 20th to 27th: Monica Bertha 55 years old and his mother Carla Schiffo of 78 killed Martino Benzi, 67 years old, husband and son-in-law, who then committed suicide; Maria Rosa Troisi 37 years old, stabbed to death by her husband Marco Aiello 40 years old; Rosaria Marino 78 – her 78-year-old husband Luigi Abbate shot her and then committed suicide; Cosima D’Amato 71-year-old found charred in her country house; 47-year-old son Alberto Villani is the suspect; Anna Elisa Fontana 48 years old, burned to death by her 52-year-old partner Onofrio Bronzolino, Liliana Cojita 45 years old, suffocated by her partner Moulay Mahid 48 years old, Manuela Bittante 77 year old stabbed to death by her husband Sergio De Zen 74 years old.

The month of September was the worst since the beginning of the year; Almost all the worst in just two days, which accounts for a large part of the motives in the cases Femicide According to the permanent observatory of the Justice of Fact, these are 82 confirmed cases.

Let’s trace in detail what happened on Wednesday 20, Monday 25 and Wednesday 27 September, days on which three and two women were killed respectively: killed by their children, husbands, the could not support their seriously ill wife, partners or ex-partners who cannot accept a separation or simply the woman’s will.

The latest: On Wednesday 27, in Alessandria, Martino Benzi kills his wife and seventeen-year-old son, then leaves the house, enters the retirement home where Carla Schiffo was hospitalized, his 78-year-old mother Law, stabs her and cuts her then through her throat. And we are there 21 murder-suicides in a family context. On September 25, 77-year-old Manuela Bittante was stabbed to death by her 74-year-old husband Sergio De Zen in Maser, Treviso province. Her husband defends that she was in a semi-vegetative state after a stroke in July: “The situation had become unbearable.”

A few hours later, 48-year-old Anna Elisa Fontana also died in Pantelleria; two days earlier her new partner had set her on fire Onofrio Bronzolino 52 years old.

The worst day of September was, as I said, Wednesday the 20th, with three victims, two of whom were killed by their husbands: Maria Rosa Troisi, 37 years old, stabbed to death by her husband Marco Aiello, 40 years old, in Calvizzano (Province). Naples) and Marino, 75 years old, died after being shot by their 78-year-old husband Luigi Abbate, who then committed suicide; both were sick. On the same day the tenth took place in San Michele Salentino (Brindisi province). Matricide – Second of the month after the first that occurred in Sirmione, in the province of Brescia, when Nerina Fontana was killed by blows and blows by her 45-year-old son Ruben Andreoli: 71-year-old Cosima D’Amato was found charred in her country house ; His 47-year-old son Alberto Villani is currently under investigation.


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