Credit Suisse at crossroads between UBS’s (low) offer and nationalization

ubsthe leading Swiss banking group, has offered $1 billion for purchase CreditSuisse. He reported it in the morning financial times, citing some sources as saying the operation would be entirely in securities and the signing would have been expected tonight. The shares have been valued 0.25 francs Moon, much less the price of 1.86 francs closure of pockets on fridays Only this very low price, secondly Bloombergwould be the reason urging the Swiss institute to do so decline the offer. Both sides have been in talks with the supervisory authorities since last Wednesday. According to the New York agency, the Swiss government would evaluate this nationalization if the operation with Ubs finally ends.

THE deposit outflows exceeded by Credit Suisse i 10 billion francs a dayor late last week. Customers withdrew 111 billion francs from the group in the last three months of last year. A liquidity boost from the Swiss central bank briefly halted the declines, but customer flight is expected to resume.

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