Between action and Italia Viva sparks fly about how to get to the singles party

Party, money, leadership – apart from programs, if there are any – make up the essence of a political party.

Between action and Italia Viva, that is, between Carlo Calenda and Matteo Renzi, it’s time for controversy – denying it: suspicions and mutual accusations of disloyalty. Not the best of encouragement for the new unity party’s inaugural national assembly, scheduled for June 10.

Calenda: today around 1830 political committee for the only party

“Today at 6:30 p.m. the Third Pole Political Committee will convene to discuss and vote on the proposed Single Party Constitution. We have no more time to waste.” Carlo Calenda, head of Action, writes it on Facebook.

But it is precisely the individual party that is the first sore point: everyone says they are determined, but the original parties should be dissolved. Doing this sooner risks leaving you without an outside bank if things go badly (in organizational chart terms) at the inaugural meeting. promising to do it later creates a suspicion that you really don’t want to do it. And Renzi, in his many roles as president of Italia Viva and new director of a newspaper, as well as international lecturer, would be an excellent example – they think in action.

The question of the single party is closely linked to the financing by the 2 per thousand. Italia Viva has full coffers, Treasurer Bonifazi confirms. Are we sure the funds will be paid out to the new company? That’s the Doubt squirming in Action, reflecting on the relationship between Renzi and money. Finally, the leadership question: Renzi has long since taken a step back and has repeatedly confirmed that he does not want to challenge Calenda: But then they ask Action why there is a rumor that someone from Italia Viva wants to run as a candidate. Like Marattin? Someone doesn’t count it right.

From Italia Viva, the commitment to transparency and democracy is now a mantra. Suspects are returned to sender and reminded that it was Calenda who led the party with little success in the recent regional elections. If a bad exit at the regional elections could have been the order of the day, the next date is the important one: next year’s European elections. You vote with proportional representation, i.e. no coalitions: That’s where you really count and if the votes don’t arrive, the so-called third pole ends its journey.

Matteo Renzi spoke yesterday evening at the meeting with the party councilors and parliamentarians in the Senate, aimed at the goal and glossed over the way: “For me, the Europeans have to be reached with the unified party. If Calenda decides not to join the Unity Party, he will explain why. If we want to go there with the only container, Calenda will explain why. But you won’t hear half an argument against Carlo Calenda from me.

In the same minutes, Calenda replied into La 7’s microphones: “Would you like to keep Renzi Italia Viva? Yes, he wants to keep IV and of course you can’t give birth to a new party if the two parties stay, otherwise they will become three parties. He will decide by comparing himself to his own. I will then take note of it. I’m not moving from here.

And here the wheel can start again, with all the suspicions about the party, the money and the leadership.

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