Coach Spalletti enters the field with the 4-5-5-2-1 formation

Spalletti proposes the 4-5-5-2-1 formation and, together with Francesco Acerbi, Gianluigi Buffon, Lorenzo De Silvestri, Valentina Giacinti and Claudio Marchisio, invites all the protagonists of Serie A, Tim and the Azzurri, to join AIRC to set a goal for research and involvement of athletes and fans alongside the 6,000 AIRC researchers. From Friday November 10th, on the occasion of the twelfth matchday, the football champions and the Serie A Tim teams will take to the field together with the AIRC Foundation and invite their fans to achieve “A Goal for Research” in support of young scientific talents . A true choral initiative that has continued successfully for 27 years thanks to the valuable support of FIGC, Lega Serie A, TIM and AIA, as well as the support of the sports media.

In order to win the game against cancer – Friday 10th, Saturday 11th, Sunday 12th November and with the national team’s game against North Macedonia on Friday 17th November – the football world is starting the 4-5-5 together. New 2-1 formation. Not just a number, but a real team effort, a commitment that involves all teams, starting with the national team, with coach Luciano Spalletti reaffirming his confidence in the AIRC system: “I think that the 4-5 is important for the future -5- 2-1″.

Four exceptional champions who have chosen to wear the “Un Gol per la Ricerca” jersey also confirm its effectiveness. From Gianluigi Buffon, who reiterates his commitment to the AIRC team: “The 4-5-5-2-1 is not a real formation, but it is the number that supports AIRC in the fight against cancer,” to Francesco Acerbi, Inter defender, at the Foundation’s side for many years after his experience with cancer: “Thanks to the 4-5-5-2-1 I was still able to give my best! If we embrace it together, we can make the difference in being able to treat all patients.

Also ready to contribute is the very confirmed player: Lorenzo De Silvestri, Bologna defender: “At the beginning I was a bit taken aback by the use of the 4-5-5-2-1… but then… The coach explained to us that we can win if we all accept it together.” And the new signing Valentina Giacinti, Roma striker: “Only with the 4-5-5-2-1 can we beat it and AIRC in the fight help against cancer.” “.

Claudio Marchisio, AIRC ambassador since 2012, also reinforces the message of trust in researchers: “Many years ago I lost a dear friend to cancer. When you lose such important people, you feel lost. Then I realized that I could do something about it. “That’s why I became an AIRC supporter and ambassador, because the only way to beat cancer is through research.”

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