Celestial Art: Joan Miró

His name is known all over the world, but there are still many unknown aspects in Joan Miró’s story. The documentary aired on Sky Arte on Thursday, April 20 describes them

Galerie Maeght, Paris 1961 Photo Successiò Mirò Archive

On December 25, 1983 he closed in Palma de Mallorca Joan Miro. Known for his experimental approach and contribution to the visual and sculptural fields, the Catalan artist spanned most of the 20th century and experienced first-hand even the darkest pages of the short century. But who was he really? What was burning in his soul?


The film will be broadcast on Sky Arte on Thursday April 20th Joan Miro The inner fire leads to the discovery of the lesser-known sides of an author who has entered the collective imagination, above all for the leap of imagination and the chromatic power of his production. Alongside the narrative is the testimony of Joan Punyet Miró, the painter’s nephew and custodian of his vast estate.
In addition to revealing the contents of unpublished archives and introducing viewers to key places in Miró’s creative journey, such as his studio, the film addresses parallel themes, such as the management of the master’s artistic legacy. Not to forget the tragic fate of most of his family members.

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