Bluebells in bloom, the Belgian forest is tinged with blue

In Belgium there is a magical forest that changes appearance every spring and turns blue.

It is south of Brussels in an area of ​​Flanders on the border with Wallonia. His name is Hallerbos – and it is a forest mainly of beeches. At the foot of the trees the bluebells grow – bluebells, in German: they decide to blossom together exactly in these days. The color effect is a feast for the eyes.

So it’s no wonder that every year in April, locals and tourists flock to this “enchanted forest” in droves. The pictorial wonder of the bloom in blue lasts just a moment, seven to ten days. After the short flowering period, leaves begin to grow on the beech trees, catching the sunlight. For this reason too, visitors only have a very short time window to experience the scene.

A pastry chef from Roeselare, Johan Engels, traveled 120 kilometers to visit and photograph the site at dawn, avoiding the weekend crowds: “The bluebells are everywhere here – and it’s beautiful, especially with the sun”. Then there is silence, the color dominates.

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