“Be good role models for young people”

Before the general audience in the Paul VI Hall, Pope Francis received the managers and players of the Scottish team “Celtic Football Club” from Glasgow. “Regardless of the fact that it is always better to win a game than to lose, this is not the most important thing. What’s more important is the example you set, both through wins and losses, both on and off the field. An example of this.” “Embodies virtues such as courage, perseverance, generosity and respect for the dignity of others, which are a gift from God,” the pope said.


Pope Francis welcomes the Celtic team

Last night saw the UEFA Champions League match between Celtic Football Club from Glasgow and Lazio, which the Biancocelesti won 2-0. “The high level that you should achieve,” the Pope emphasized, “does not only concern your sporting abilities.” The classic requirements that you must meet in order to achieve outstanding performance also relate to your personal integrity. In this regard, men and women should see you not only as good footballers, but also as people capable of sensitivity, men with big hearts, capable of being wise stewards of football Enjoy the position.”

Pope Francis welcomes the Celtic teamLaPresse

Pope Francis welcomes the Celtic team

After meeting the Scottish team, Pope Francis called for peace in the general audience, but his condition is still precarious and he has given up reading the catechesis: “I’m still not feeling well.”

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