“Barbara D’Urso’s afternoon 5? A chicken squawk”: Memo Remigi comments on the change in leadership

Memo Remigi has little doubt about parting from Barbara D’Urso To afternoon 5. “It’s true that television doesn’t have to be a teacher, but at least it has good taste and there was little of that on this show. It was just the screeching of chickens vying to see who cried the loudest. Words spoken to the weekly newspaper My and reported by fan pages. Remigi then talks about the journalist Myrta Merlin, who will replace D’Urso: “Myrta will probably put on a less trashy show than Barbara, and I say that with all the affection and respect for her profession.” The former Afternoon 5 host published a post in which she again talked about how bitter it was to have to leave the show. Today, September 3, she released a tweet telling fans that despite her fear of flying, she is ready to get on a plane: “I’m about to face my historic fear of flying. Another challenge with myself. It’s always time to push your limits. It will be the beginning of a new adventure… keep going.”

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