Alfonso Signorini: “The first man? In Cuba I met Paolo at a Tiscali chat. My nickname was ‘Perlage’.”

Interviewed by Corriere della Sera, Alfonso Signorini He relived his life, especially on the love level. From the first great love for a woman to a possible marriage with her partner Paolo Galimberti. “When I was 23, I gave my first real kiss to a girl“, he said. Alfonso describes himself as a boy who had different interests than the others; he didn’t like football, he didn’t smoke and didn’t own a scooter, but he had an intelligence that allowed him to be active during his lessons ” to make a fool of everyone.” However, the first signs of love came in middle school: “I was a very unhappy nerd. With 13 years I saw Gilda with Rita Hayworth. And I felt my first sexual impulse (…)”, has explained.

Going back to the first kiss, Signorini says he gave it to the 31-year-old aunt of one of his students.and I discovered physical attraction, the real one“. The two were supposed to get married, but the woman’s betrayal prevented everything. After his first disappointment in love, the TV presenter met another girl: “When I had already decided to close this door forever, on the bus to Moena I met Laura, a wonderful girl, Roman, who was going to the same hotel as me. It was love. And I spent seven wonderful years with her. I was madly in love. Intelligent, he caused me a lot of trouble. “Every weekend I came to Rome by train with the cat cage,” he explained.

A feeling that was also exhausted by another betrayal suffered by the 59-year-old. “I suffered, I was taken body and soul. And perhaps out of spite, I took the quail jump in the midst of thousands of surprises. I was over thirty years old, I had never been with a man, although I lived with certain thoughts. I said to myself: ‘If I was a failure as a friend, it was because I didn’t want to listen to that voice inside me‘. But I didn’t know how to support her, I wasn’t practical. Until things changed when he discovered Cuba: “You absolutely went there. I had a Lauda Airways card and left two or three times a month. My first husband was Odysseus, he lasted a year.

The journalist recovered from his disappointments by trying to date people of the same sex and, despite a few “uninspiring” encounters, he eventually managed to find the love of his life, Paolo, whom he met “at a Tiscali chat”. “My nickname – Alfonso Signorini tells Corriere again – it was Perlage, his Traveller68. He contacted me. It was 2002, I was working with Chiambretti. He said to me, “Now I’m on the boat.” And I cheekily said, “But is it yours?” You know, I had certain ambitions. “And what car do you have?” “An Aston Martin”. “Oh.” I thought he was making fun of me. “I’ll come back tonight, see you later if you’d like,” he suggested. I couldn’t, I was a guest on the Maurizio Costanzo Show. “If you want, watch me on TV.” I wore a pink jacket and said a bunch of stupid things. And he disappeared. He also blocked me on my phone. A week later he showed up again. “Sorry, I was rude, but you shocked me a bit, too effusive. Nevertheless, I would like to get to know you. We saw each other and have never left each other since.

After a short back and forth between the couples, the relationship has returned to the one that has always distinguished it and now there could even be a marriage between the two: “I was against it: ‘I don’t understand why we are homosexuals are.’ I have to endure the worst of straight people. Now I’m more optimistic. If he suggested it to me, I would seriously consider it,” he concluded.

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