“Unbreakable commitment” to Cairo, seeking a new date for testimony before prosecutors in Florence investigating the massacres

A “mandatory obligation” prevents the entrepreneur Urban Cairo to go to Florence to testify about the completion of the Non è L’Arena program. The entrepreneur, friend and “pupil” of Silvio Berlusconi had been summoned by the public prosecutor investigating the massacres. Assistant prosecutors Luca Turco and Luca Tescaroli (who received a bomb threat today that turned out to be “false”), investigating the so-called “external contractors” to the 1993 massacres, want to clarify the reasons for the abrupt conclusion of the program directed by Massimo Giletti, who planned to dedicate a few episodes to the Florentine investigations into Berlusconi and Marcello Dell’Utri who is still under investigation. On Thursday April 13, while Giletti was known to be preparing episode number 195 for Sunday, he received a company email who informed him of the end of his programTo. Publisher Cairo has always maintained that the election was solely editorial and without outside interference. The journalist, heard twice by investigators, had told prosecutors that he had seen a photo in which he recognized the knight with two other people, namely Salvator Baiardo, former supporter of the Graviano bosses, who was speaking on television the alleged (never confirmed) ties of Berlusconi and Dell’Utri to the gravianos, He stated that he was the chief Graviano and General Delfino. As La Repubblica reports, the statement will therefore be made at a different time.

It was December 19, 2022 when Giletti first told the prosecutor about the photo (also unpublished on his TV show) that Baiardo, who had already been convicted of being an accessory to Filippo, had shown him Joseph Graviano which housed and carried around the bosses later convicted of the 1992 and 1993 massacres. The journalist explained that Baiardo had shown him a photo in which, according to his version, Berlusconi, Giuseppe Graviano and the General of the Carabinieri Francesco Delfino were depicted. The picture from 1992 would have been shown to him from afar. Giletti said he recognized the former Forza Italia leader – who died on June 12 – but wasn’t sure if the photo was authentic or if the boss was in the photo.

The alleged photo is of interest to the investigators because they are pursuing the hypothesis that Dell’Utri and Berlusconi played a role, which has always been rejected by those directly involved and which has already been archived in the past and has never been found external mandates in the 1993 massacres (10 dead in Florence and Milan) and in the Roman attacks on the basilicas and against Maurizio Costanzo and the carabinieri on duty in the Olympic Stadium, for which Giuseppe Graviano has already been convicted with a final judgment. The photo could – if its existence and authenticity are proven – be a confirmation of the relations between Berlusconi and Graviano, alleged by the boss and denied by the Cavaliere as slander that was never found. In search of confirmation, on January 21, 2023, during a broadcast, Florentine prosecutors intercepted and videotaped two meetings between Baiardo and Giletti in a hotel in Rome. Then, on February 23, they questioned the conductor again to ask him again about the photo with Baiardo that he had alluded to in the meetings videotaped by Dia. Then on March 27, prosecutors searched Baiardo looking for the photo, which was never found. From that moment, the man learns that Giletti told prosecutors about the photo and begins shooting a series of videos about it tick tock to argue that the host invented everything. The report, broadcast on May 23, broadcasts an interview recorded months earlier by a hidden camera, in which Baiardo confirmed the existence of the photo to correspondent Paolo Mondani. In fact, it would be three photos. Except then denying everything about Tik Tok the next day. On May 26, prosecutor Luca Tescaroli requested the arrest of Baiardo, possibly for assisting the suspects in investigating external mandates. However, the judge denies the request and on July 14 the judges will rule on the prosecutor’s objection.

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