Twenty-year-old dies from a shot in the head, his 18-year-old brother investigates: “It was an accident, the bullet went off accidentally”

The circumstances that led to the death of have yet to be clarified Enrico Aliaj, a twenty-year-old boy of Albanian origin. For now, of course, there’s just the fact that he was killed with one shot while he was at home with his eighteen-year-old brother, who is reportedly now dating Corriere della Sera, was entered in the suspect register because of his death. The most plausible hypothesis arises in this case contours are not yet clear is that Enrico was killed in one fell swoop a gun fired by his brother It is being investigated because of the accusation premeditated murder.

The incident happened in the late afternoon Friday June 2nd To oil bridgea village in the Val Nurein the province Piacenza: According to the first reconstructions, the bathroom facilities are from 118 have entered a house from About Rossi to save the 20-year-old, who later died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. At this point, the Carabinieri, warned by the same doctors, did collapse at the house where the victim’s younger brother had barricaded himself for a few hours. After being persuaded to surrender, the young man was stopped at night by Deputy Prosecutor Daniela Di Girolamo in the barracks and interrogated: He spoke to investigators about an “unpleasant incident”.

“My client,” said the 18-year-old’s defense attorney Fabio Callegariwho is also the mayor of oil bridge – spontaneously answered all the prosecutor’s questions and explained that his brother he was handling a weapon from which the shot would have been accidentally fired that would hurt him. He therefore immediately raised the alarm for the emergency services to be deployed and immediately made himself available to the judicial authorities.” It is not yet known whether the weapon was found and who the owner was, it is likely she was unlawfully detained.

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