Turin, prosecutors: “Sentence Appendino’s former spokesman to 9 years in prison and investigate the statements of the former mayor and Castelli.”

nine years Jail with allegations of embezzlementImpact on human trafficking e.g attempted blackmail. This is the verdict proposed by the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office today. Gianfranco Colaceat the end of the current process a Luke Pasquarettathe former union spokesman Chiara Appendinowho is now MP of the 5 star movement. The exponent of public charge He also requested that the documents of the trial be sent to the prosecutor’s office to assess the authenticity of Appendino’s and of’s testimony Laura Castelliformer Deputy Economy Minister and MP for the 5 Stars (later left the movement in the wake of Luigi di Maio). According to prosecutors, the two policies were the victim of one attempted blackmail from Pasquaretta. Appendino and Castelli had not filed a civil suit.

Pasquaretta is on trial for having an affair with one paid advice with 5,000 euros (returned later) for the 2017 edition of the Torino Book Fair. Note that the prosecutor believed would have been fake and that had been assigned to the journalist, then spokesman for the mayor of Appendino, only to allow him increase his admission. “Pasquaretta – said the prosecutor during the indictment, reported by LaStampa.it – has never done support work Book Foundation what he was paid for. Nobody saw him in the press room, he neither produced nor supervised the publications. This order was a staging for Allow him to make more money, which he had requested himself, but for a commission he never carried out: he merely accompanied Appendino slavishly, a role for which he was already being paid by the community. So much so that – and this is what the prints and badges tell us – when Appendino is at the Salone, he is there when the first citizen is elsewhere where he is present Together. This payment from 5,000 euros It was just a way of getting around the salary cap, which the Cinquestelle movement thought was unsurpassable for image reasons.”

However, another story had also emerged from the investigation, relating to an attempted extortion Pasquaretta against Appendino and Castles, for which he subsequently worked as press spokesman. In practice, according to prosecutors, Pasquaretta put pressure on the two politicians after the affair erupted. “Pasquaretta – claimed the prosecutor – when the political bubble burst over the inappropriateness of this position and the investigation against him became public, he realized that the Movement was against him and should have left his office in the church, he began threatening. He told former councilman Sacco that he had taken a letter of surety for the others. And that he wouldn’t leave until he found a job that paid the same price. And so it happened when – the operation to become spokesman for theMEP Beghin – Mr. Castelli has decided to increase Pasquaretta’s salary 600 to 2000 euros per month”.

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