Today stop of pilots and flight attendants of low-cost airlines

Today is a difficult day for those who fly with airlines inexpensive. The pilots and flight attendants from Easyjet and Volotea, but also from Ryanair, Malta Air and the company CrewLink, which is always in orbit with the Irish airline, they crossed their arms for 24 hours, with the only observance of the slots guaranteed in the morning (7-10) and in the evening (18-21).

A new protest after the June 8 one, which has become necessary given the “continued unacceptable conditions in which pilots and flight attendants have to work”, denounce Filt Cgil and UilTrasporti. “Wages below the minimum wage set by the national contract, unsustainable operating conditions, failure to align wage treatment with reference contracts and anti-union practices as reported by workers”

“After the first strike action that took place thereJune 8 last yearin which many operators were involved – according to a statement from Uiltrasporti – a new protest action was necessary as unacceptable conditions persist in which pilots and flight attendants have to work.”

For Ryanair, Malta Air and Crewlink, the stop will be coordinated at European level. Also in Spain (24, 25, 26, 30 June, 1 and 2 July), Portugal (24, 25 and 26 June), France (25 and 26 June) and Belgium ( 24, 25 and 2 June) protests are currently taking place 26).

Therefore, flying at weekends could be complex. On the site of ENAC A list of guaranteed flights is available.

These are certainly not happy times for air transport in Europe. They are signposted at most airports tails for check-ins and multiple flight delays and cancellations. A complex situation that is also linked to the public holidays, in contrast to the rapid recovery of flights after the pandemic. This has left several airports and airlines unable to process requests from customers.

The problem is that increasing theorganic That’s very difficult, especially after the two years of near-freeze many companies have cut drastically, and then there’s the classic shift of responsibilities between airlines and airports. The reality is that this is most likely the case underestimated the speed of shooting. The immediate consequences of these critical issues have impacted travelers who are facing significant inconvenience. Avoid “Traffic jams”Several airlines have already decided to cancel some of their scheduled flights, further complicating people’s ability to travel.

“Great success Contrary to the company’s forecasts, there is also a European strike by Ryanair Group pilots and cabin crew in our country.” Dozens of flights canceled to and from our country, peaking in Belgium where all of the company’s flights have been cancelled, leading to hundreds of cancellations at European level.”

“The success and effectiveness of our mobilizations,” emphasize the two trade union organizations, “is also reflected in the first minimal openings by the company that we understand would have provided water to all personnel on board at least until the end of the summer season. In view of the overall problem, this is an almost insulting concession, which clearly expresses our good reasons. These are definitely the first minimal signs insufficient and inadequate – Filt CGIL and Uiltrasporti declare – to stop our mobilization, which will continue already in July, pending a dialogue with the company aimed at bringing wages into line with the minimum wages set by the National Air Transport Treaty and repealing the wage reduction agreement (emergency agreement) introduced to cope with a time of crisis that is no longer relevant, the payment of sick days and the recognition of compulsory vacation days during the summer season. In addition – let us finally recall the trade union organizations – all passengers whose flight has been canceled may submit a request through the company’s website in addition to the choice between a refund or boarding on an alternative flight Damage payment from 250 to 600 euros according to European legislation on passenger rights.”

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