“Titan’s passengers descended to the depths of the ocean to their favorite music and witnessed a dreamlike scenario”: the New York Times story

A terrifying descent into death, tempered by its own musical top list with headphones and glowing backdrops full of fish and sea creatures behind the porthole. It is storytelling about the last moments of the life of the 5 multi-billionaires boarded the Titan capsuleand died shortly thereafter in the depths of the ocean, offered by New York Times. The avoidable tragedy that befell the passengers, who challenged the limits of human nature and nature to see Titanic’s remains up close, is already the subject of television series, novels, and instant book authors.

But before other media outlets can speculate on a story that looks like something out of an apocalyptic blockbuster, Here the historic New York newspaper does what was done in the illustrations of the press late 19th century, not exactly avant-garde, with photos, videos and death certificates perhaps of soldiers, travelers, explorers: invent something plausible. For example, that the five passengers would be asked to select their favorite music and then listen to it through the Bluetooth headphones – but not the country music, which the mission leader didn’t like and which he jokingly didn’t want to hear -; After that, it was hypothesized that the passengers watched it from the portholes an exquisite dreamscape that doesn’t even offer “Avatar” or “The Little Mermaid”.. The implosion? It seems like no one could have noticed. It seems. Because no one will ever tell us.

In addition, the crew sank “in the dark” to conserve valuable energy that would have served as gold both for staying aboard Titanic and for its unexpected ascent. The NYT is at liberty to add true facts to this film scenario. Like the photo of two of the victims before boarding: Pakistani tycoon Shahzada Dawood and his 19 year old son Sulemanjust 19 years old who He had a magic cube with him. On the ocean gate, the ship from which the Titan sank, the tycoon’s wife and daughter were present. Ms Dawood told the NYT that her son wasn’t ready to drive the deadly device, but would only agree to please his insane dad.

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