“The Third Republic begins with the constitutional reform”

The annual event ended today in St. Vincent Convention of Christian Democracy, promoted by Gianfranco Rotondialready elected in the ranks of the FdI and at the head of the political movement “Green is popular”.

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni sent a long written message: “There is a historic responsibility on our shoulders: to consolidate the democracy of change and finally to accompany Italy in the constitutional reform that this government wants to promote in the Third Republic“.

“The end of the First Republic also meant the end of DC as a party. A historical transition that concluded an unrepeatable historical phase and called upon an entire social bloc to decide which side would take sides in an albeit imperfect democracy of change. The birth of the center-right as a new alternative bloc to the left was the answer that millions of Italians were asking for and waiting for. That answer was a winning answer.”

“In recent decades,” said the leader of the Brothers of Italy, “the center-right party has grown, it has structured itself, it has also experienced difficult moments, but it has always managed to bring all its identities into dialogue to bring without giving up.” Experimenting with new needs and new forms. Today, the center-right strives to be the synthesis of all the ideas developed in the conservative and Christian liberal traditions. It is a modern and dynamic center-right party that values ​​diversity and is capable of governing with realism, concreteness and competence, presenting a clear program based on a values ​​approach.” “And the values ​​of family, fatherland, free enterprise, Subsidiarity and belonging to the West are values ​​that have their roots in a history in which they always see alternatives and deeply distance themselves from the left. That is why I am also convinced that those who come from the Christian Democrat tradition cannot help but remain firmly in the center-right,” concluded Meloni.

They also spoke at the congress Gianfranco Rotondi, Lorenzo Cesa and Ettore Rosato.

Rotondi has announced its intention to restore the original name of the association “Christian Democracy”, founded in 2004. and which from today, as they announce, “will return with the name and symbol that Rotondi himself brought to Berlusconi’s center-right party and which is now allied with Giorgia Meloni”.

However, one can assume that the controversy over the party’s name and symbol will not end with the party conference: the various heirs of the old DC, now dissolved in 1992, are competing for its legacy and logo. “All these activities of Rotondi have nothing to do with DC,” the lawyer explained Antonio Cirillo – The senator was elected with other parties and has no right to represent the Christian Democrats or to be their heir. There is a ruling by the Supreme Court of Cassation invalidating all actions carried out between 1994 and 2010. Today there is already a DC, represented by me.”

Responding to Rotondi’s invitation to collaborate and hope for a “future reunification,” Cirillo denied any possibility that this could happen. The third actor in the story, Lorenzo Cesa, leader of the UDC, whose symbol retains the traditional crossed shield, agreed with Rotondi in February 2022 on the need to reunify the center: “It is time to pool this heritage and not “constituted by the basic ideals of our democracy, in which people, their needs and their dignity are placed at the center of their political actions.”

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