The taxi strike is incomprehensible, I hope they reconsider

The strike called for tomorrow by a group of taxi drivers “is difficult to understand, a somewhat retrospective protest,” also because “the reform has been in force by decree for several months and we have presented it to the taxi drivers, the NCC owners.” and all other players in the sector”. The Minister of Economy and Made in Italy told RaiNews24. Adolfo Urso also called on municipalities to apply the regulation, which provides for the possibility of increasing licenses by 20% in municipalities with an airport “The decree has been criticized by some mayors because it stipulates that all funds from the new licenses will be allocated to the city’s taxi drivers, who expect an expansion of the market, while previously this threshold was set at 80%. But that’s what I say to them Mayors.” In an emergency period it is not possible to collect cash, but licenses must be issued to respond to the needs of citizens and the millions of tourists who come to the city, such as the 40 million pilgrims a year 2025 for the anniversary or the tourists for Milan-Cortina. If they don’t, they risk a boomerang effect from these events.”

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