The Palio di Siena returns and Chiocciola starts in pole position

A dive into the hearts of the many Sienese in Piazza del Campo: after two years of pause imposed by the pandemic, their beloved Palio returns, with the 10 districts that will compete on July 2nd in the career dedicated to them Madonna of Provenzano.

Before the pandemic, the Siena Palio had been cancelled only on August 16, 1723 for the Death of the Grand Duke Ferdinand II of Tuscany, 1855 for aCholera epidemicthen the last century in 1940 and 1944 due to the Second World War. “This party that marks the seasons was so missed in Siena; everyone needed their party,” said Siena Mayor Luigi De Mossi. “As soon as the banner was handed over, a shared and collective feeling was felt,” he added.

There Chiocciola district He won the second race with Giuseppe Zedde, known as Gingillo su Zentile, with a view to the Palio di Siena on July 2nd. At the start, the Bruco district got off to an excellent start, maintaining the lead until the second corner of the Casato when Chiocciola arrived, and retained the first position until the end of the third lap.

It was there Valdimontone district instead winning the first test of the Palio di Siena with a view to career on July 2nd. The test was precededunprecedented performance from that State Police Mounted Brass Bandwho performed the Mameli hymn.

The horse-jockey pairings were decided in the afternoon after the allocation of the horses to the districts was officially announced: Antonio Mula on Vitzichesu in Valdimontone; Giovanni Atzeni, known as Tittia on Zio Frac in The Dragon; Carlo Sanna, known as Brigante on Schietta nell’Istrice; Jonatan Bartoletti, known as Scompiglio on Viso d’Angelo nella Torre; Elias Mannucci, known as Turbine on Una per Tutti in Pantera; Andrea Coghe, known as Tempesta su Volpino in Leocorno; Enrico Bruschelli, known as Bellocchio on Reo Confesso in Lupa; Stefano Piras, known as Scangeo on Uragano Rosso nel Bruco; Giuseppe Zedde, known as Gingillo su Zentile nella Chiocciola; Valter Pusceddu, known as Bighino on Vankook in the Civetta.

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