The new book that tells the story of Chanel through 55 objects

The journalist and fashion expert Emma Baxter Wright She managed to summarize the entire life of Coco Chanel in 55 symbolic objects. His new book, which will be published in 2023, is titled Chanel in 55 objects: The iconic designer through her most beautiful creations. The objects treated represent the roots on which the Maison is founded, carriers of ideals that have allowed the brand to remain alive over time without losing the essence of the creator.

The themes of the book “Chanel in 55 Objects”

Chanel in 55 objects It is a rich collection of the innovations that made the figure of Coco Chanel famous. Every page, through elegant Illustrations, reflects the inner class of the brand. And each of the 55 selected topics is presented with the utmost care in chronological order, immediately explaining with a specific formulation its importance in the life of the stylist or the change it brought in the women's wardrobe of the 20th century. We don't just talk about fashion, but also by perfumes, jewels, accessories, places, motifs and people who inspired them. Starting from the story of the fashion designer's humble origins, Coco's revolutionary and enterprising soul is gradually revealed: the attempts to free herself from her situation are actually varied, starting with her role as a cabaret singer, thanks to which she manages to make contacts with the upper class who offered her economic support to start her business.

The success of Coco Chanel

The book also expands on that Brilliant memory one of the most famous Parisian couturiers. Every circumstance experienced or person met could represent an opportunity for success, an inspiration for the next innovation. Men's uniforms and clothing, for example, played an important role in his artistic career. Subsequently, the production of stage clothing for theaters and cinemas contributed significantly to the brand's popularity. And in addition to Coco's loved ones, the volume also mentions numerous female characters who are crucial to her story: their names can be read on the pages of the book Jackie Kennedy, for whom the brand made the famous pink tweed suit in its Rue Cambon store; and Marilyn Monroe for her strong influence on the success of the Chanel N°5 perfume.

Chanel's symbolic objects

Since its founding, the Maison Chanel has been synonymous with elegance and success. The reason for this was and is the iconic objects that are covered in this book. Despite the brand's minimalism, Coco loved adding gods Touchesprovocative that could become famous and easily attributed to the brand, including the camellia which recurs in creations both as simple decoration and as part of complex prints. It was often paired with her favorite color, noir, to great effect. Another characteristic motif of Chanel's creations is that chic nautical stripeswhich reflect the uniform of the French Navy, as well as the Shirt casual first introduced into women's wardrobes with the 1917 collection. However, the color palette proved to be long-lasting, with white and blue remaining a winning combination. It was another revolution The little black dress: Chanel was the first designer to use black for both day and evening dresses, and it still is need to have contemporary fashion. We also talk about symbols for women Slingback pumps two-tone, allies of practicality and simplicity. If the skin had been completely bare, it would have shown every sign of abrasion and dirt; However, adding a contrasting dark lace would have prevented this risk and added an elegant touch to the accessory.

Chanel N°5 and tweed

Even the success of Chanel N°5 perfume It is timeless and was an innovative product in its time, both because of its name and its packaging. Are you talking about fabrics instead? Coco created this Tweed suit, a fabric reserved for men's clothing. He managed to give it a feminine look and the same Charles Lagerfeld He was the first to reinterpret the designer's suits, moving away from the boxy pastel versions of the 1950s and proposing models made of denim, leather and embellished with feathers and sequins. Every season it is presented anew with appropriate new interpretations, because these objects, emblems of the brand, can be interpreted as true signatures of 20th century fashion, promoting an unmistakable, elegant, exclusive, emancipated and modern woman, unparalleled.

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