the market is growing to make it greener

Travel to get to know the city, architecture, art, local cultures… already in 2017 a report byWorld Tourism Organization Foresaw that tourist services related to the world of culture would always determine the new scenario of world tourism more culturally oriented.

Well, according to a recent report by the same organization, at least 4 out of 10 tourists, globally they can be considered gods cultural tourist. Travel agency headquarters go into more detail and specify that More than every second American travels just to experience new cultures.

And in all countries there are movements and initiatives that go in this direction: in Walesfor example students and researchers of Aberystwyth University They have joined forces and structured a meaningful project Promoting tourism in the rural areas of their country and Ireland.

The tendencies, obviously it’s strong in Italyalso thanks cultural identity, a movement aimed at enhancing the cultural and environmental beauties of the national territory. “Promoting culture is a duty, doing it for one’s country is a joy“, he claims Edoardo Sylos Labini, founder of the movement.

According to a series of studies carried out in the most important international magazines in the sector, since espresso communication, For CulturaIdentità, the term culture goes hand in hand with the word tourism and the trend seems to be increasing in the coming years: indeed, according to the forecasts of Globe Newswirethe market Global cultural tourism to grow to nearly $12 billion in revenue by 2028 (+160% vs. 2021) with an average compound annual growth of 14.4% over the next six years.

Even look at the world Socialthe hashtag #cultural tourism it almost counts 80,000 items on Instagram and about 774,000 views on TikTok.

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