“The government has done very well to limit the audit of the Court of Auditors”

“The government has done a very good job limit the preventive control of the Court of Auditors“. He says it clearly Sabino CassesePresident Emeritus of the Constitutional Court, during a meeting at the Turin Business Festival.

“There are Aspects of performance of controls and methods about how this story unfolded who fully agree with the government and show that the big SOEs should reconsider their behavior towards the state they represent,” Cassese said.

“The whole world culture of controls,” Cassese explained, “says that.” Checks cannot be carried out on a random basis, but must be carried out on a random basis; This cannot be done on paper but must be done through in-depth inspections of the activities to be controlled. It must not be a process, but a product. We don’t need to check how something was done, but rather the result of that action. THE Preventive and accompanying controls are a form of co-management in our countryto exercise power. A department head of a ministry, the president of a public institution, every time he has to make a decision, he has to call the person responsible and ask whether he agrees with it or not. This is called co-management, and it has two negative effects: it deprives those who need to be held accountable of responsibility and it doesn’t carry out effective controls because you don’t go into depth with spot-checks and not with spot-checks.”

Cassese then pointed out that “in the notice distributed to the agencies by the Association of Judges of the Court of Auditors, we read that ‘the Court of Auditors requests a … Discussion table with the government on passing a law”. Comparison table is the Term commonly used by unions towards the state. Can one of the largest institutions in the state use it? If you accept that kind of terminology, don’t you end up realizing that the state has become a kind of collection of corporations and interests and that it has therefore lost all decision-making ability?”

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