The fourth paper bomb explodes off the coast of Ostia within a few days. Prosecutors are investigating against Antimafia: The trail of the brawl is being followed

Four paper bombs in a few days. They’re the ones who blew up host what he is now investigating District Directorate for Antimafia From Rome. The latest accident took place on the night of August 12 in a restaurant parking lot Directly at the sea Amerigo Vespucci by Host. The explosion happened shortly thereafter midnight and luckily it is Only the restaurant owner’s car was damaged. An investigation into the incident is ongoing police and the prosecutors of Dda the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office, which is currently focusing on the prosecution bat. The central aim of the investigation is to find out whether there is a single organization behind the various episodes that have been found.

She intervened on the facts Louise regiments, appraiser At the urban security of the Lazio Region, stating that “the problem of blackmail and blackmail affects not only Ostia and the Roman coast, but also other realities of Lazio, starting with anzio And Neptune where the presence of mafia organizations is stronger”, adding later that it is “necessary to tackle the root of the problem by strengthening the presence of law enforcement, which will ensure a more comprehensive and organized control of the territory and also the The local police can play a crucial role in this area.”

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