The factions are divided, but the controversy continues

“Today Let’s formalize the separation from our friends from Action – announced Renzi in his e-news -. We tried to the end to ask them to let us make the list together, and Calenda’s response was disdainful. Everyone has their own style, we don’t argue. So best wishes to all and sundry on their journey. It’s better to end this soap opera than to have half of Italy laughing at us.”

“I want to do politics and not live surrounded by regulatory disputes and personal grudges. The groups – he announces – will be called Italia Viva – Il Centro – Renew Europe,” specifies Renzi. But things didn’t go so smoothly. Action members left the meeting where the name change was decided. “The group has just decided with 7 out of 11 members to change the name to “IV the Renew Europe Center” – said the group leader in the Senate Enrico Borghi – A political education session where members of the Action are not present.

Action: “We will appeal against groups that have violated the statute”

“Contrary to what Senator Renzi explained to the press, today no one decided or called for the separation of the IV and Action groups. Which we invite Senator Renzi to do, since he has already announced it a thousand times. As for the resolution.” Regarding the name change, we have written to the President of the Senate to report a double violation of the law committed today by the leader of the Action-Italia Viva – Renew group, Enrico Borghi. Action makes it known. “The decisions made today are considered null and void. We will act accordingly at all appropriate locations.”

Richetti: “Renzi had his people leave the chamber and applied for an exemption”

“I have not received any request to call the group into the chamber. If the secretary of IV wants to divide the factions in the chamber, let his parliamentarians go and ask President Fontana for an exception.” The leader of Az-Iv in the chamber says so Matteo Richetti intercepted by reporters in the Senate.

“It’s a strange divorce. From a political point of view, it is legitimate to say that we are separating; this must be done clearly and clearly. Then I did not understand why there is a problem in a branch of Parliament and in the chamber there is not some kind of signal, interlocution, communication. Either there is such a good faction leader in the room and I would be inclined to exclude him, or it is a completely technical operation. “They made the decision where they thought they had two thirds of the group… why all these constraints when you could have told La Russa and Fontana that they would go their separate ways and form IV groups?”, adds he added.

“I didn’t convene a faction. I have nothing to say. May I ask what’s happening in the chamber? “Does it seem normal to you that a split is announced in a branch of Parliament?” he concludes. “This is something that is not the case.” It’s about politics, it’s something different, not very serious. I’ll look into it when someone formalizes it. It is not politics, it is a small game, even a rather childish one, in which action does not take part.

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