“The bride asked me for $6,500 as maid of honor, I declined.” That’s what all the money was for

The bride asks you to be there bridesmaid, one feels honored and accepted. But everything changes when you’re told you have to do it Give 6 thousand 500 dollars. This is not a joke, this is what really happened to an Australian woman. In fact, Grace told the radio show, “Smallzy’s Surgery” that she had to give up the role that had been offered to her for the enormous sum that the bride was asking of each bridesmaid. “What would that money have been used for? More than the wedding itself They were all for the previous events!‘ he exclaimed in response to the conductor’s question.

She then explained: “There was a $250 a piece bridal shower planned with her mum and all her aunts, there was a $500 bachelorette party, there was a pre-wedding vacation, prep and a spa Weekend.” Plus “the wedding itself in Bali”. But the oddities don’t end there: She and the bride weren’t even close friends. “But no, we’re not friends. We like each other’s Instagram posts and that’s about it‘ he concluded, leaving everyone speechless.

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