The book Gore Capitalism by Sayak Valencia

There are metrics that can help, support and take the temperature of the economic and social systems we live through in our daily lives. Photographing the time, the zeitgeist, the zeitgeist. Himself capitalist realism by Mark Fisher has defined contemporary neoliberalism with relentless clarity and depth, revealing the gray areas and aporias that define it. Gore capitalism. Violence, necropower, the death market From Sayak Valencia completes the work by revealing all the violence involved in playing a human trafficking game on the borders between the first and third worlds, where life, environment and people are cogs in a perverse economic system.

The book Capitalism Gore by Sayak Valencia

Mexico is the main case study, Valencia draws on the postcolonial theory and feminist explore a set of interconnected ideassuch as the role of masculinity in the growth of capitalism, violence as a form of paid work, and the undermining of civil society.
It is not an easy read given the density of the topics covered, but the author possesses intellectual and cultural mastery, opening up to scenarios which she has treated with poetic and equally raw severity Roberto Bolanoin his unsurpassed literary testament 2666. A reading, then, that leads in disturbing and disturbing, but absolutely urgent directions, and shows how precariousness, inequality, gender discrimination and ecological emergencies are violently shaping a system in which the unscrupulous few exploit the struggle for survival of many in the first and third worlds. Everything is connected, everything belongs to the power.

Sayak Valencia, Capitalism Gore. Violence, Necropower, Death Market, Cover, 2023

What is Capitalism Gore

It is the state of emergency that has become the norm of an increasingly voracious and violent capitalism, and Sayak Valencia, performer, poet, philosopher and transfeminist activist accompanies us in the discovery of this desolate human and social scenario. “We are“Valencia warns us”I am interested in developing a discourse that has the explanatory power to help us interpret the reality created by gore capitalism.”
But what is gore capitalism? The author makes it clear right at the beginning of the essay. “The contradictory and systematically out-of-control dimension of the neoliberal project.” The hyperconsumerist identity and its counterpart: the ever-decreasing population with sufficient purchasing power to satisfy consumption needs.”
Thus becomes Tijuana, a frontier city of doom and guns on the run the place where blood capitalism manifests itself not only as a border problem between the first and third worlds, but also as the black hole of capitalism. It’s not something that’s limited to the black market and drug trade, it’s affecting the whole world. The criminal economy accounts for 15% of world trade. The effects of blood capitalism are that people vanish into thin air or reappear hanging from an overpass as a sign of the power of the narcotics officers. Obvious signs that violence is tolerated and accepted as part of a system.

Diego Rivera, The History of Mexico, 1929 35. National Palace, Mexico City
Diego Rivera, The History of Mexico, 1929 35. National Palace, Mexico City

Book drug trafficking in Valencia

The numbers of the globalized drug trade are the data of a real force in the economic decisions of the planet. Drug trafficking is currently the largest industry in the world. Valencia brings us data, information, documents and reflections, building a critical and insightful system of the multiple connections that the tolerance of gore capitalism implies, and invites the reader to understand how all this is not limited to specific geographical areas , but radiates the entire global system of The project neoliberal. All this requires new theoretical tools, and Sayak Valencia’s great merit is precisely that of providing us with conceptual and practical tools to orientate ourselves in a world where violence reigns as a business and a rule of survival.

Marco Petroni

sayak valencia, Gore capitalism. Violence, necropower, the death market
NOT – Black, Rome 2023
p.220, €22.00
ISBN 978-88-8056-188-0

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