Temptation Island, Francesco Chiofalo and the resemblance to Daniele: “I wanted to write to him but he blocked me everywhere…”

Temptation Island fans have noticed it since the presentation video. There is a “double” in the program. Who are we talking about? From friend Danielpaired with his girlfriend victory. In fact, many have noticed the resemblance to Francis Chiofalo, a former participant in the program, then paired with Selvaggia Roma. The “closeness” between Daniele and Francesco on social media in terms of manners and even a little in appearance has been the subject of many comments, even to the same extent Chiofalo who commented on the comparison on social media.

“Actually, he and I look a bit alike we are not the same person – he said in response to a comment: “It’s not enough to have four tattoos and be from Rome to be the same person.” Then the influencer continued: “I don’t think he likes it, with me to be compared. Soon people won’t even remember the name They call it Lens 2. Surely some haters will write to him that it’s my draft… I think he’d like observations on his way.

However, Chiofalo not only commented on the comparison, but also revealed a curiosity. In fact, Daniele seems to have blocked him on social media. “I wanted to write to him on Instagram to congratulate him and wish him luck with the show – Chiofalo told his followers – but I saw that he blocked me everywhere. I don’t understand why, maybe he’s mad at me…boh”. It only remains to wait for the end of the program to understand how it will end between the two.

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