Tavern Room for the Collectors Club

Artists, curators and collectors meet to talk about art. And to eat together. Following the success of the first season, new dates are back, designed and created entirely by the artists

MMMMMMY PLEASURE : Dinner only. Courtesy of Spazio on site

Artist studios are turning into “restaurants” reserved for the few Dinner in the studiothe format, the Spazio Taverna is cyclically dedicated to the members of Club of young collectors. “To create the club we have invited people who have participated in the Spazio Taverna experience and who we know are sensitive to contemporary artemphasizes Ludovico Pratesi, curator and founder of tavern square together with Marco Bassan. A circle of people passionate about the languages ​​of contemporary art”with special attention to the under 35 year olds’, gather in convivial evenings ‘at the mercy’ of projects entirely conceived and created by the selected artists.


Atelier dinners are the main activity of the Taverna Club, made up of members who support the Spazio Taverna experience, as they wish to have a direct and intimate relationship with the latest generation artists within their work and creation spaces. and take place every 45 days on average‘” explains the ad Artribunes Ludwig Practiced. “In accordance with Spazio Taverna’s philosophy, the artists envision the dinners as real collective experiences, elaborated according to their artistic research. Each artist invited therefore imagined an evening revolving around a specific theme, developed in full interaction with the guests present, through different and surprising methods and menus“.

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The first season dinners saw various artists active in the Roman panorama, such as Julius Benson (Rome 1990) in his studio in the Pigneto district. As part of the project, the artist provided the participants with an instruction booklet he had designed In the interim, which invites everyone to create their own dinner, from cutlery to courses, in 90 minutes. Then in March it was my turn chromatic number, the artistic collective from San Lorenzo. In line with their research, the artists organized an evening of slam poetry Ask guests to interpret the poems produced by the artificial intelligence while tasting Calabrian products (home of the group’s spokesperson, Dionigi Gagliardi). In Pietralata, however, in the workshops of Diego Miguel Mirabella And Mark Emmanuel From country fortune The collectors sat around a single table and ate pizza in the boxes decorated by the artists with their right arm tied. In his studio in Portonaccio, the artist Alice Paltrinieri (Rome, 1987) chose to put the guests in touch with an unknown artist, with the understanding that they could listen to him without ever answering. For the duration of the (egg) dinner, a 3D printer produced a mold of an egg that was auctioned off at the end of the dinner before the guests learned the name of the faceless artist. In Centocelle, in the rooms of POST EX, the study of Lulu Nuti And Guglielmo Maggini They transformed with dinner Cosmic thrill. The project was conceived as a journey through the workshops, from aperitifs in Maggini glasses to dinner landscapingin Nuti’s studio, in between Mountains of ham and thickets of vegetables. Whoever found the small beans in the dessert ultimately won a prize created by the artists.

MMMMMMY PLEASURE : Dinner only.  Courtesy of Spazio on site
MMMMMMY PLEASURE : Dinner only. Courtesy of Spazio on site


However, the new year has started with the duo Genuardi/Ruta Fellows of the American Academy in Rome. An evocative place where the artists and the director of the academy received the collectors for a private visit to the artist’s studios. The second dinner of 2023, held in Tor Bella Monaca’s artist-run space, Spazio IN SITU, ended just a few weeks ago. Here the artists Frances Cornacchini And Federica di Pietrantonio You did the project MMMMMMY PLEASURE / Dinner only. The dinner included a solitary experience inspired by ultra-contemporary ways of sharing one’s life (Youtube challenge, Tiktok trends) and references to the history of the performance (eat a hamburger by Andy Warhol; The Time-Based Sculptures by Erwin Wurm The onion by Marina Abramovich). Each participant was assigned a station where they began eating and drinking sparkling wine, blue mayonnaise and iridescent jellies in front of their smartphones. The peculiarity of the experience lay in the interaction that each established with their own image and with their own device.

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