Surfer swims with his python: accused by animal rights activists and fined

We usually think of surfing as an adrenaline sport: meter-high waves paired with the athletes’ ability to master them, creating natural choreographies. In the case of Higor Fiuza – Australian surfer from Rainbow Bay – But sport has little to do with it. He went viral with a video of him swimming with his snake, the reactions probably weren’t what he expected. The reptile in question is called Siva, faithful companion of the Australian. Swimming cost Higor dearly: In fact, he received a heavy fine of 1,200 euros for bringing the potentially dangerous animal to the public onto the beach and then aboard his surfboard.

The news spread online and sparked anger and outrage among animal rights activists, who accused the man of putting the reptile into the water against his will. “Putting animals in habitats that don’t belong to them causes stress that can even lead to their death“We sincerely hope that the young man never repeats this kind of stunt again.” The surfer, on the other hand, claims that he always brought the snake to the beach and that Shiva actually enjoyed swimming in the water. “She goes for a little swim and then returns to the board and waits for a wave“he said Local 9News.

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