Soleil Sorge reveals the background to the dispute between Dal Moro and Oriana Marzoli: “I escaped from this circus”

There is still a lot of talk about the protagonist of the pink pages Discussion between Daniele Dal Moro, Oriana Marzoli, Micol and Giaele in Sardinia . I come back to the subject again Deianira Marzano who has published a message from in the stories in the last few hours None to silence the haters who targeted her by accusing her of spreading fake news about the row. “Thanks for clarifying something,” the influencer begins in the chat made public. In reality, I have absolutely nothing to do with it, except that I happened to be in front of it Jersey Shore Porto Cervo”.

So to tell the facts: “Basically Oriana She got to where we were and He made trouble with Chadia (Rodriguez, ed.) and other friends for no reason, after which we all grew apart. And there comes Daniele: “Shortly after I saw Daniele and asked him how he saw the situation, she also came up, yelled things and attacked him Jerry Springer Show And I escaped from this circus“. “There was a fight there and then they were kicked out of the club. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry because of the scene but I just want to stay out of it because honestly I’m not involved with them or their drama,” he concluded, thereby confirming the rumors previously released by Deianira.

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