Sky-Dazn, towards exclusive two-way transmission of top-flight matches

A new formula for image concessions in the Serie A championship is on the horizon that would see an exclusive for two Sky-Dazn. New contract, no longer than three years, but 5.

Dazn has paid out 927 million euros annually in the last three years, in order to maintain current standards, something has to be rethought, because no TV is willing to make a financial commitment in this sense. The league is poised to launch something new in May: at least five packages, each with very different definitions, aimed at allowing games to be broadcast between Sky and Dazn and ensuring both have almost all games. Serie A therefore visible on both platforms.

Tim will no longer support DAZN while Sky has launched the new TV and wants to regain a central role in the Bundesliga, 9 games out of 10 in both. The competitiveness of the economic offer and the quality of the services offered will be the cornerstones, but the final choice will be entirely in the hands of the customer. That way, Serie A would have the same profit but for a longer period of time.

As for the final price at the moment, there seems to be a difference of around 100 million between what the league wants to charge and what the TVs are willing to offer. The tenth game would land on a third platform. They seem very interested in Amazon, already present in European football, and Mediaset, which wants to return to important football thanks to the experience between Europe and the Italian Cup.

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