Six million travel to Italy with the uncertainty of the changeable weather

Those who can have already packed their bags for the long All Saints holiday, which begins today and ends on Wednesday November 1st and for others already reaches the 2nd, to remember in the cemeteries those who are no longer here .

A total of five to six days that the tourism industry is aiming for before the Christmas rush and in which Italian accommodation providers should book 4.8 million overnight stays.

The estimate prepared by Assoturismo Confesercentibut also scores 200,000 fewer visitors than last year. However, foreign tourists maintain the positive trend, especially in the major art cities. This does not deprive even Italians of a certain interest in mountainous, rural and hilly areas.

Although the calendar offers two choices with the holiday falling on Wednesday, in reality the phase of Bad weather will impact reservations the undecided in favor of the first days of the week.

Second Federturismo Confindustria you will be over 7.5 million Italians who have planned a break for the long All Saints weekend. Our compatriots will prefer Italian places to foreign ones, with a preference for art cities, small villages and health resorts spend an average of two nights outside the home, mainly with relatives and friends, but also in hotel complexes, where occupancy in cities like Rome is well over 80%. Followed by Florence and Milan.

The arrival of international tourists is promising, with a strong presence of Americans, French and English who have now returned since Easter to relive the Italian destination. During the conflict in Israel and its impact in the Middle East have curbed Italians’ desire to travel further afield by choosing European capitals: Paris at the top, followed by Barcelona.

Furthermore, the results show that an average utilization of the available tourist offer of 67%, a lower value than last year. In particular, the occupancy rate of structures active in cities and art centers is 78%, with peaks well over 80% in the main Italian cities.

However, booking inquiries are significantly lower in seaside resorts and seaside resorts, with occupancy rates of 54% and 55% respectively. In addition, the trend among health resorts is slightly increasing which record an average rate of 59%, while the average saturation for mountain and rural and hilly locations rises to 68% and 67%, respectively.

Overall, the majority of bookings concern northern Italy, where in particular With 75% of bookings, Piedmont is in first placefollowed by Veneto and Emilia-Romagna with 72% of requests each, Lombardy (71%), Trentino-Alto Adige and Friuli-Venezia Giulia with 70% of room occupancy and finally Liguria, whose share drops to 57%.

However, it turns out declining on average in the central regions: Lazio is at the top of the ranking with 73% of bookings, followed by Tuscany and Umbria (69%), Marche (64%), Abruzzo (52%) and finally Molise (48%). While for the regions of the South and the Islands the saturation rates are even lower: Campania records a room occupancy of 62%, Sicily and Sardinia 61% and 59% respectively, Basilicata 58%, Calabria 55% and Apulia 53%.

“Despite the uncertainties related to the weather and the calendar – this year November 1st falls on a Wednesday – this long weekend also confirms the vitality of the tourism sector, especially thanks to the flow of foreign visitors, which is increasing significantly this autumn,” especially in the Art cities,” comments Vittorio Messina, President of Assoturismo Confesercenti. “However, the need to think about climate change remains: An assessment of the impact of the abnormal climate on tourist reception strategies can no longer be postponed.”

Gastronomy and wine tourism

The autumn festivals are dedicated to seasonal specialties such as chestnuts, mushrooms and truffles, as well as pumpkins, the protagonists of Halloween that arouse great interest 7 out of 10 Italians are among those who go on vacation and use it for a trip outside the city. This emerges from an analysis Coldiretti/Ixe’.

The organization claims that gastronomy and wine tourism is now a real trend. from the need to curb spending, but also the restoration of a more direct relationship with food, culture and local traditions through initiatives to enhance local products with festivals organized throughout Italy in small and large centers.


Walk in autumn, leaves

All Saints Weather Forecast

The The weekend will be characterized by rising air pressure, but with still humid air and at times uncertain weather, albeit rather mild. The last sporadic rains are expected today, then the weather will become drier and Temperatures will rise from Sunday.

But new disrupted passages are likely to affect the Mediterranean as early as the beginning of next week. Bad weather is also possible on Tuesday, Halloween, with heavy rain and thunderstorms, especially in the central north. Dry break in view of All Saints’ Day, although the rapid change between a disturbed phase and a dry phase could slightly change the expected timing.

The latest updates from the Italian Weather Center also show purely autumnal weather conditions for the first days of November, with several rains and an increasingly colder climate.

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