Silvestri (M5s): “There is a cultural difference in the Democratic Party, we say no to ‘against’ candidacies. We need a project that starts remotely.”

During one of the debates organized within the framework of the regional assembly of the M5 of Lazio, the leader of the chamber’s parliamentary group took to the stage Francesco Silvestri who answered questions from Luca De Carolis: “The difference with the Democratic Party? There is an underlying cultural difference. The center-left as we know it is used to doing everything and the opposite of everything and then calling for arms against the right. This is not possible with the M5. When we meet, we need a project that begins remotely – because the elections are the moment we reap, not the moment we start sowing – if we run as candidates of the 5 Star Movement and win, we rule, and that requires a project.”

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