Reducing energy waste in households: Here is the third episode of Ecofuturo TV – Video

In episode number 3 of Eco-future television Let’s talk about what we can do in our homes Reduce energy waste, heat and climate-damaging emissions. What not everyone knows in particular is that heating systems are popular Gas and methane boilers They pollute cities more than car traffic. In fact, they emit particulate matter that is hazardous to health. This is why Ecofuturo promotes the electrification of heating systems and the use of technology High temperature heat pumps for our homes. Thanks to an Italian patent, high-temperature heat pumps can be connected directly to radiators present in 90% of Italian homes, without the need to create underfloor heating or carry out further renovations. By replacing the boiler with a heat pump, you also achieve enormous efficiency advantages and a drastic reduction in billing costs. Geothermal energy is the energy that these new technologies use, which are actually very simple because they use the heat of the earth, which always remains at around 15 degrees in both summer and winter. This exchange can also take place with water and air, as the president of the ASS (Emission-Free Heating Association) explains. Riccardo Bani They also use natural refrigerant gases that do not harm health or the environment, as he says in the interview Gianfranco Pellegrini the technical director of TEON, the company that patented high-temperature heat pumps. This energy is also used in agriculture, as we see in the third stage of the farm tour on the “Principi di Porcia e Brugnera” farm. And finally, we conducted an interview to find out more about this renewable energy that many underestimate Aurelio Cupelliformer director of the national geothermal network.

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