Record summer, 28 million Italians ready to leave

A weekend in June, a short holiday between July and early August and a holiday of at least 7 days in August. These are the programs of approx 28 million Italians who will go on vacation one or more times between June and September, a total of 62.8 million departures, including those who will travel abroad and those who will not stay in tourist accommodation for various reasons.

arises fromConfcommercio Confturismo Observatory. So, unless the proliferation of Omicron 5 dampens enthusiasm, the setting is in place for a summer on par with, if not better than, that of 2019.

The Italians who will go on holiday this summer, around 28 million according to calculations by Confturismo Confcommercio, will each spend just under 300 euros for a weekend, 540 euros for a holiday of between 3 and 6 days, and so on 1,250 for the main holiday, that of 7 days or more, flow into the national economy with their purchases a total of around 47 billion euros (transport, accommodation, meals, entertainment, shopping, etc.). And spending budget seems to be the first element respondents consider, cited by 19.3% of respondents as a motivation for choosing a travel destination, followed by the abundance of local attractions and the quality of the scenery, 13th each .5%% and 12.1%.

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