Record influx of tourists, 130,000 visitors

Venice was invaded by tourists this Easter weekend: at least 130,000 people crowded the historic city, causing long queues at the vaporetto landings and inconvenience for residents. The Actv – the Venetian transport consortium – has strengthened the transport routes and added an additional line to the islands of the archipelago. An excellent figure for the city’s economy compared to the figures for tourism before the Corona crisis. In addition to the good weather, according to Mayor Luigi Brugnaro, the management of the organization of the sector also speaks: “Today, many have understood that the bookability of the city – he wrote in a post published on his Facebook page – is the “The right way for a more balanced management of tourism .” “A breath of fresh air for operators in the industry,” concludes the mayor of the lagoon city in the post.

A new organization of passengers waiting on the ground and the strengthening of the shipping lines (especially for Murano and Burano) are some of the measures taken by the Venice public transport company to respond to the great tourist pressure experienced this Easter weekend. At the “Fondamenta Nove” – the main access terminal to the lagoon islands – a new organization has been introduced on land: queues with ordered queues and guaranteed priority access for residents.

Additional trips with the vaporettos, which will be confirmed until the beginning of November for all Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays with two trips per hour. On the other hand, 70 additional daily trips have been organized on the bus and tram network to strengthen the main urban lines in Venice.

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