Pogba counter-analysis, testosterone positivity confirmed: What can happen now

There is now no doubt that the counter-analysis of the B urine sample from Paul Pogba, who plays for Juventus, gave a positive result. On August 20, the first positive testosterone test was detected in the first championship game between Juventus and Udinese. As soon as confirmation is received, the sporting test begins. After the positive test, the player was suspended by the national anti-doping tribunal as a precautionary measure; the Frenchman can now decide whether he will be questioned or send letters of defense.

The timing of the investigation could also be quick, the crucial step will be the possible questioning of Pogba himself, whose first aim must be to prove the absence of malice and unconscious attitude. If the fraud were not discovered, there could be a milder disqualification; instead of four, the French player would have been out for “only” two years. The plea deal is a hypothesis that is on the table but has yet to be tested. If no agreement is reached, the Juventus midfielder could be brought before the TNA (National Anti-Doping Tribunal) again. There is also the possibility that the Juventus player requests the so-called “individual hearing” at the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, but this would require the green light from Nado Italia, the organization that organizes our country’s anti-doping activities, and by Wada, the World Anti-Doping Agency. We’ll see, the 2018 world champion with France will obviously remain suspended as a precautionary measure and now the investigation by the anti-doping prosecutor’s office can be opened.

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