Piazza Affari slightly downwards, spreading upwards

Festive mood in the markets. Today is the twelfth consecutive day that the Milan Stock Exchange's Ftse Mib index has moved less than half a percentage point. Currently -0.22%, but the partial balance since the beginning of the year is clearly positive, almost +28%, the best result among the most important European markets. Among the sectors most represented in Piazza Affari, since the beginning of the year, the automotive and banking sectors recorded the largest increases, while the largest declines were recorded in real estate and small and medium-sized companies.

Today: London +0.08%, Frankfurt -0.17%, New York +0.1% for the three most important Wall Street indices: S&P500, Dow Jones and Nasdaq. Slight correction (-0.14%) for the Russell 2000, used as a benchmark for small-cap companies in the United States, after the partial gain of 14% in December.

The yield on the Italian BTP rises again to 3.58%, 5 basis points more than yesterday, the spread on the German federal bond increases by 7 basis points to 164.

Good news from commodities: the price of Brent oil fell 0.5% to just over $79 a barrel. Two days ago it had risen to over $81. The decline came after some major logistics companies confirmed the resumption of shipping in the Red Sea. Gas falls by 6% to 33.15 euros per megawatt hour.

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