Passenger is kicked out of business class because of a broken seat, her boyfriend gets angry (because the truth is different)

Two airline passengers American AirlinesShortly before boarding, they experienced the pleasant surprise of being promoted to first class. However, the luxury soon turned into a nightmare: the couple was then denied access to one of the two previously guaranteed places. The one who had to give up sitting in the store was the partner of Jake Williams, user of X who spoke out strongly on social media about the treatment he received during the flight: “You threw her out with the excuse of a broken seat“is the accusation of the man who did not accept his girlfriend’s change of position. The reason for the “downgrade” from Business Class to Economy Class must be related to the loss of a seat. Except that shortly thereafter, an off-duty pilot was sitting comfortably in the same seat.

You are all terrible, You promised me and my girlfriend first class. Then the pilot sits on the broken seat,” the man wrote in his post. And again: “Here is the pilot in the broken seat from which they threw my girlfriend,” complains the passenger. In the comments below the content, many side with the company and criticize Jake for “complaining about an added convenience that was not originally intended when purchasing the ticket”: “I hope they ban you for life. This is why airlines don’t give upgrades because of eligible people like you!” one user wrote.

According to a report by View from the wingThe dead – the practice of reassigning a transport company’s staff for free during a passenger trip so that they can be in the right place to begin their duties – is a common practice and involves pilots not actively working but being paid to be on the job fly. Research also shows that the pilots ofAmerican AirlinesThanks to a union contract, we have the privilege of flying first class. The basic idea behind this is that pilots need a good rest and the larger seats offer them the necessary comfort before the start of the mission.

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