Pantelleria, the woman who was set on fire with the flammable liquid by her husband, dies. He is still in the hospital and risks remaining blind

he did not make it Anna Elisha Springthe 48-year-old Sicilian woman who her husband threw a flammable liquid at and then set on fire Pantelleria the night of September 22nd. The woman died onPalermo Municipal Hospitalor where she had been hospitalized under very serious conditions: upon arrival she introduced herself burns over 90% of his body and the doctors spoke of a “desperate” situation.

Even her attacker, the 52-year-old Onofrio Bronzolino, He is hospitalized in the same hospital because he was hit by the flashback after the violence against his partner. He suffered burns to his face and risked becoming blind. His room is guarded by Carabinieri as investigations into the core continue Trapani to reconstruct the dynamics of aggression.

An initial report said the couple had an argument near a bar in central Pantelleria. The man, who works at a construction site, apparently went to a warehouse and took Canister of gasoline. He would have returned home to his wife, who had since returned, then doused her with a flammable liquid and set her on fire. The mayor of Pantelleria also commented on the incident: Fabrizio D’Anconawho said he was “shocked” by what happened.

There are also concerns from the European Union, which in recent weeks has drawn attention to the alarming data received from Italy regarding gender-based violence. According to the President of the Parliamentary commission of inquiry into femicides and gender-based violence, Martina Semenzato, It is an issue that “occupies men” because “it is primarily a cultural aspect that must and can only be eliminated through the education of respect from a young age to school, which, together with the family, plays the main role for the growth of future generations.” He then added: “We must commit to prevention and compare ourselves with all national and international actors committed to the protection of women.”

The latest data on femicide supports this A woman dies every three days because of a man’s violence. According to a survey published on Monday, September 25th by Heaven However, 48% of respondents disagree with the existence of a crime in itself for gender-based homicides.

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