Palermo’s prosecutor De Lucia: “Basic arrests also to uncover crimes against public administration”

“I haven’t seen a clear reform or even a project based on points. We hear that mafia wiretapping and terrorism do not touch each other. And that is the minimum wage, because without wiretapping, it is not possible to solve organized crime.” These are the words of the Palermo public prosecutor Maurice DeLucia to the microphones of Heaven Tg24 about judicial reform. “I think the debate isn’t about that, but about two different issues,” adds De Lucia, “one is the proliferation of irrelevant wiretapping, and here again we should be looking at the fact that important reforms have been made .” it is impossible to use irrelevant interceptions; Then the other is about the possibility of wiretapping of crimes other than mafia-type organized crime, and that opens up a debate. By investigating the mafia, we uncovered crimes against public administration. So it is mafia crimes that become guardians of misconduct in public administration, where the two things often go hand in hand. The border between the two is very fluid for me I would be very careful when touching the Intercept Disciplinary Machine In general”.

Sky TG24 returns to shine a spotlight on one of Republican Italy’s darkest times biennial massacre from ’92-’93 which culminated in the terrorist attacks in Rome, Florence and Milan. Tuesday, July 18 at 9 p.m In fact, a special entitled “Cosa Nuova, the latest attack“, led by Fabio Vitale under the coordination of Max Giannantoni.

Thirty years ago, between May and July 1993, the mafia carried out attacks in Florence, Rome and Milan. Then comes the change of strategy, but the struggle with the institutions will continue for years until the arrest of Bernardo Provenzano first and then to this day with the capture of Matthew Messina Money. Cosa Nuova, The Last Assault tells the story of the 1993 massacre, the ensuing reunification, and the work of law enforcement to defuse the gang threat. They tell the backstory of the Colonel’s long struggle Archdeacon Luciushead of the investigative department of the Carabinieri Ros; Renato CorteseHead of the Central Inspection Office in the Ministry of the Interior e Maurice DeLuciaAttorney General of Palermo.

Speaking to Sky TG24, Palermo’s chief prosecutor also touched on the highly topical debate on the hypothesis of a reform of crime External competition in the mafia association: “It’s a debate that has been going on since 1930,” he explained DeLucia “The thought of stopping tracking certain behaviors with this tool seems hard to imagine. To give a concrete example: If there is a murder, I punish the shooter. But if there is a person who supplies the weapon, knowing that it will be used to kill, then he too is liable for the murder.” Among the guests was the Florence prosecutor Luca TescaroliOwner of the investigation into the hidden masterminds of the 1993 bombings.

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