On board a scooter in the Archaeological Park of Pompeii

“The Australian tourist who entered the Pompeii Archaeological Park on a scooter was driving on an avenue outside the city walls and not on the ancient streets”. The Archaeological Park of Pompeii states it in a note.

“As a clarification of the press release of the Carabinieri Command of the Province of Naples regarding the entry of a foreign tourist on a scooter into the archaeological area of ​​Pompeii, it is clarified that the tourist, who entered through the service gate of Porta Vesuvio, after the entry of cars from Construction companies drove an outer part of the city and not old roads – stressed in a press release -. “. The note continues: “The covered route is an avenue outside the walls of the ancient city, in rammed earth, used by companies involved in excavation, security and restoration work, and is not open to the public – there the Park on – therefore at no time during the episode, which ended after a few minutes thanks to the Archaeological Park’s efficient surveillance and video surveillance service, there was no danger either to visitors to the site or to the archaeological heritage.

The tourist blocked at the “Porta Anfiteatro” had entered the archaeological park illegally through the gate of Porta Vesuvio, where some employees were busy with routine activities. When the military stopped him, the tourist apologized and said he didn’t know that these trails were off-limits to unauthorized vehicles.

On the same day, the carabinieri of the Torre Annunziata company carried out an extensive service on the main access roads to Pompeii Park. 4 taxi and NCC drivers fined for violating the Highway Code and municipal ordinances governing traffic in the protected area. 7 companies were also fined for illegally occupying public land. The owners had illegally occupied the common room with advertising steles and tables with chairs for eating and drinking.

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