“No to the lie about evading craftsmen, we fight real tax evasion”

“Without craftsmanship and small and medium-sized companies, Made in Italy simply would not exist, and Italy could not count on the wealth of knowledge, quality and innovation that allows us to be known in international markets,” said Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni via Video link in front of the National Assembly of the CNA. On the budget: “It is affected by the super bonus and the interest rate increase, but the measures are expansive.”

Let us fight against the lie of the craftsman who is a tax evader by nature

Then the Prime Minister talks about taxes: equating craftsmen and small business owners with “born tax evaders” is “a lie that has justified a persecutory attitude for too many years.” And again: “We are fighting tax evasion, real tax evasion, not alleged tax evasion.” “In the last few days we have passed a law in the Council of Ministers as a sign of the state that wants to trust its citizens. The decree intervenes in the regulation of assessment, reduces sanctions and introduces the preventive agreement that takes place every two years. A very important tool that illustrates an approach different from the past. Don’t bother those who want to do it. An approach that breaks the unbearable equation according to which a craftsman, a VAT number, must be inherently a tax evader. A lie we have always fought”.

The wage problem cannot be solved with the minimum wage

“There is a wage problem that cannot be solved with the minimum hourly wage in Italy and I think we all agree on this. In Italy, a nation that is considered a model of its ability to negotiate, the problem can be solved by strengthening negotiations and expanding them to sectors that are not covered”. This was said by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni via video link to the National Assembly of the Cna.

Italians will not miss the most important reform

“We will strive for a broad consensus in parliament to reform” the Prime Minister’s Office. If this is not possible, we will ask citizens for their opinion. I trust that Italians will not miss the opportunity to adopt the mother of all reforms.”

Italy is paying for political instability

“Italy has paid for political instability. In 75 years of Republican history, we have had 68 administrations with an average term of one and a half years. We paid for it.”

The Cna event

Ministers Matteo Salvini and Adolfo Urso will take part in the event organized by the National Association of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises. In the afternoon the speech by the President of the Senate, Ignazio La Russa.

Under the title “The Courage of Attraction”, the CNA’s most important annual event takes place in Rome at the Auditorium Conciliazione. The proceedings of the meeting will be broadcast live on the website and on the Internet Page The organization’s Facebook.

Mattarella’s message: Crafts and SMEs are essential sectors of the production structure

In a message to the President of the CNA Dario Costantini, the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella wrote: “Crafts and small and medium-sized enterprises form the basis.” essential sectors of the production structure National. Improving its competitiveness and resilience is a strategic objective that must be supported sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth“.

“It is a commitment that calls on institutions and civil society to take synergistic actions in favor of a supply chain that is and is capable of creating jobs Revitalizing areas affected by impoverishment and depopulation. The craft and small and medium enterprise sector is also a catalyst for training and investment in human capital valuable skills for the younger generation“: invaluable resources for the country’s progress,” the message continued.

“An economic and social function, the latter, which must also be supported by the instruments provided by the European Union. To all participants in the meeting committed to addressing the sector’s most pressing issues in a delicate international context, I would like to express the following: warm welcome, together with my warm wishes for a job well done,” he concludes.

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