“No divisions, stop illegal migration”

A meeting of clarification and, in a way, reconciliation after the split at the last European Council in Brussels, where Poland and Hungary vetoed the deal New pact on migration and asylum. That was the prime minister’s mission Giorgia Meloni Today at Warsawwelcomed by the Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki.

Morawiecki: “Ready for a referendum”

“We will organize a referendum so that Poles can express their opinion on irregular immigration, about who is boss: the EU or a sovereign country.” This was stated by the Polish Prime Minister in the joint statements with Meloni after the bilateral meeting in Warsaw. The Prime Minister expressed “respect” to the proposal. “The priority of the EU should be the security of the countries. If we don’t control irregular migration, we risk seeing on our streets what we now see in other member states,” Morawiecki added. The not-too-disguised hint is to France and the riots in the banlieues around Paris and other cities.


“I could never complain about those who defend national interests. But I admire how strongly Morawiecki defends Poland’s interests There is no division because we are working on how to stop illegal migration and not on how to manage it‘ when migrants ‘arrive in Europe’, the Prime Minister replied after the intervention of her Polish counterpart.

“As long as Europe thinks about solving the problem by discussing how to deal with migrants when they arrive on European territory, it will never find real solutions because the interests of our nations, even trivial for geographical reasons are different.” What unites the interests of all Member States is Stop illegal immigration before it reaches us, with a very different task to be done with Africa, non-predatory cooperation, support for those nations that are themselves very often victims of human trafficking, the traffickers of the third millennium mafia,” he explained Premiere.

“I, Morawiecki and many others worked together on this. I understand perfect as said and I repeat, The Polish position on the subject of the Migration and Asylum Pact, I understand the difficultyOn the subject of resettlement, Meloni explains, “even more so for countries that, more than any other, are shouldering the burden of Ukrainian refugees without seeing that the sacrifices they are making are properly recognized by Europe.”

“On all or almost all of the issues that we raise with Morawiecki at the European Councils, One look is enough to see that we have a common position in so many matters that affect us, at a time of crisis when we must live up to the history that challenges us,” the Prime Minister then emphatically concluded.


“On the question of the enlargement of the European Union, with i Balkans westerns, theUkraineThe Moldova“We always agreed” with Poland; “I don’t like to call it enlargement, but reunification, because I don’t see the EU as a club where we decide who belongs and who doesn’t. Europe is a civilization and history decides who belongs to it,” adds the Prime Minister.


Regarding visual harmony, Giorgia Meloni then emphasizes that precisely “starting from the issue of Ukraine”, the Italian and Polish positions are “essentially identical”: We are on the side of Ukrainealongside defending the liberty of a people who amaze the world.”

The Alliances

Another theme that runs through today’s meeting is the related issue Alliances in view of the forthcoming European elections, at the center of a political tug-of-war in Italy and rekindled yesterday by Deputy Prime Minister and League secretary Matteo Salvini, who insists on an alliance with the right – a hypothesis that the other Deputy Prime Minister, Force supporter Antonio Tajani likes not. The fact is that Fratelli d’Italia, Forza Italia and Lega are grouped into three different ‘families’ in Europe: Ecr (with Meloni just confirmed as President), Ppe and Id. The German also belongs to the latter group Alternative for Germany (Afd) and French national assemblytwo very far-right formations.

As for that bilateral relations, the cooperation runs on safe tracks. Trade exchanges between Italy and Poland are growing strongly: 33.6 billion euros in 2022 (+16%), with a positive balance of 5.2 billion euros. Italy is Poland’s fourth supplier and sixth customer worldwide. For this reason too, the political dialogue between Rome and Warsaw has intensified in recent months.

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