Max Giusti reveals: “I had a very serious health problem, 48 hours ago I found out that I no longer have it”

Is called The second chance the new film with Max Giusti. We will be seen on screen together with the actor and presenter Gabriella Passion: The two are a couple with two teenage children, twins. It will be the party for her eighteenth birthday that will trigger the crux of the plot… But the press conference was for Giusti also the opportunity to talk about a very sensitive matter: “Speaking of second chances, I can finally say that I have been in great health lately I had a very serious problem. When I made this film I had a health problem and 48 hours ago I found out I no longer have it. I never wanted to say it, I never wanted to talk about it, nobody knew, not even my agents. Now I’m a healthy person and I’m very happy about that.” And again: “It’s a really nice second chance for me.” The family comedy with a touch of fantasy by Umberto Carteni appears in Alice after its debut at the Rome Film Festival nella città and a cinema release at the end of October very quickly on December 29th in prime time on Rai 1.

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