Mattarella's message at the end of the year: cross-party applause

Center-right, center-left and center Everyone appreciated P’s graduation speechResidents of the Republic. The President of the Council, Giorgia Meloni, had a telephone conversation with the head of state in which he expressed:complete sharing on the need to support employment, decent wages and ensuring safety at work and efficient public health.” Giorgia Meloni defined the President's intervention as “an intervention of great depth and visionparticularly on the path to peace and ending conflicts”, and expressed “special gratitude” for the special attention paid by the Head of State to “the young generations, their needs and their expectations”.

The considerations of the investigation for Anas procurement They inserted the deputy prime minister's words between the lines Matteo Salvini, He defined the passage as “significant” in which the president rebukes the tendency to spread falsehoods against those considered opponents and even enemies. This passage is particularly valuable for those who like the… leaguehas suffered and continues to suffer attacks from the media and beyond.”

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Giorgia Meloni

For the Secretary of the Democratic Party: Elly Schlein, The head of state “reaffirmed the values ​​and principles of the Constitutional Charter and managed to place them in the political, economic and social context that the Constitution requires.” Village and the planet is alive.”

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Elly Schlein

The President of the M5 Giuseppe Conte he read in Mattarella's words “un unmistakable impulse Change things, don't give up. We cannot avoid the appeal not to get used to ithorrors of war and to work immediately and urgently for peace.” The arms stop is an issue that is close to the hearts of the M5 and the Green-Left Alliance. Even the leader of Si, Nicola FratoiannI underlined this framework: “An extraordinary speech that focuses on the big issues of our time. Peace comes first.”

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Giuseppe Conte

“I was thrilled to hear the words Home and pride in Italian, combined with Freedom, equality, justice, peaceas constitutional values ​​that are the basis of our identity, which the President has rightly found in many actions of our community,” commented the President of the Senate, Ignazio La Russa.

“I thank the President of the Republic,” said the President of the Chamber. Lorenzo Fontana – for the words of confidence and encouragement to the Italian people, especially to the most vulnerable people, the elderly, the young generation and those living in the suburbs.” The Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani found in the President's speech “the inspiring principles of our political action, which should be translated into concrete facts every day: freedom, peace, respect for the person, protection of the elderly, trust in youth, dignity of work”.

The leader of IV, Matteo Renzi, thanked Mattarella “for the words of humanity he used and for the constant incentive to improve the quality of Italian politics,” while the leader of Action, Carlo Calendaunderlined “the call for national unity as a community, based on the high goals of the constitution that have yet to be achieved”.

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Matteo Renzi

The co-speaker of the Green Party, Angelo Bonelli, acknowledged that Mattarella “recalled the urgency of addressing the environmental crisis by referring to the young people who shoveled mud in the name of solidarity during the floods.” Among the less canonical passages, the group leader of the IV in the Chamber, Davide Farone, recorded “the recognition of the experience of”. PizzAut, the work of Nico Acampora. The employment integration of people with disabilities is a challenge.” The vice president of the chamber Fabio Rampelli (FdI) described the head of state’s reference to the suburbs as “important”. Mattarella, as always, “showed the way for the future.” From our country: Rights, freedom, progress and culture”he said Riccardo Magi (+E).

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