Long weekends and holidays, 2022 is the year of long weekends

The calendar of the year that has just begun is more generous than the previous one, for those who like to go away for the weekend, switch off for 3/4 days and relax in front of the fireplace or by the sea, depending on the season. Of course, as long as the rules related to the Covid-19 emergency and any restrictions allow it.

The 6th January, the Befana festival, falls on a Thursday and offers the opportunity to join on Friday for a four-day bridge from Thursday to Sunday. It’s an opportunity to take a little vacation to look forward to the New Year with more vigor, especially if you didn’t get enough rest during the Christmas holidays.

A good opportunity to spend a week’s vacation in the mountains on the ski slopes or a short vacation in a European capital is the one that goes from Monday, February 21st to Tuesday, March 1st where carnival is celebrated.

Easter will be on April 17th this year, so off Friday 15th to Monday 18th April You have 4 ideal days for a little trip, because you know “Christmas with the family, Easter with whoever you want”.

Then we celebrate April 25thLiberation Day, which falls on a Monday this year and is therefore a good opportunity to treat yourself to three days away from home and enjoy the joys of life outdoors on the beautiful spring days.

Generous so far, 2022 is not for that 1st of MayWorkers’ Day, which falls on Sunday.

However, in June there will again be the opportunity to take a 4-day break, with a long weekend starting on Thursday 2th of June until Sunday 5th: it is the opportunity to go to the sea to do the first swimming exercises and the swimsuit test.

mid August It will be a Monday, another opportunity for a three-day long weekend for those not yet on vacation.

Tuesday 1st of November offers you another 4-day bridge: you can organize trips to the colors of autumn or treat yourself to visits to art cities or relaxing days in the spa.

L’December 8th It falls on a Thursday, another opportunity for a four-day getaway, perhaps to relax before the Christmas rush and buy a few gifts to mark the occasion.

At the end of the year, 2022 reflects so much generosity: this 25 December It falls on a Sunday and only allows for three holidays if you manage to get the 24th off. For those more fortunate, it is possible to disconnect until January 1, 2023, which falls on a Sunday. But we are already going too far, it is not good to throw our heart over the obstacle.

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