Lecco’s appeal was accepted by TAR Lazio, and the Lombards were re-admitted to the cadet championship

Lazio Tar restored Lecco to Serie B, Reggina’s appeal was rejected and declared ‘unappealable’. This is the double answer after the first degree of administrative jurisdiction. In fact, the Prima Ter section of TAR Lazio has said: Lecco’s appeal against the decision of the Coni Sports Guarantee College, which had ordered the exclusion from Serie B, was upheld.

After being promoted to Serie B thanks to the playoff win over Foggia on June 18, the Lombards had not, by midnight on June 20, provided all the necessary documentation regarding the stadium where they would play the Cadet Series (Euganeo di Padova ).

After the Lazio Regional Administrative Court accepted the appeal lodged by Lecco, the Serie B league, which had already decided to start the championship anyway on August 18 – in a 20-team format – promptly published the Lombard club on their official Website on the calendar and in the rankings, only an X was left linked to the fate of Reggina’s place, whose appeal was instead declared “independent” by the regional administrative court.

The Calabrian company had been excluded from the championship for economic reasons related to non-payment to the Treasury. Brescia – relegated to the pitch at the end of last season’s playout – is watching the unfolding situation with interest as the criteria for re-entering the cadet tournament is first-ranked team.

In the meantime, a meeting of the Federal Council is scheduled for tomorrow which, among the topics of the day, will deal with the composition of Serie B, even if the last word in this sense will be with the Council of State, which will give its opinion on the matter on April 29. August.

A well-deserved spot on the pitch for Lecco, satisfaction for the Lombard club, while Brescia remains ready to replace Reggina, as previously mentioned. In any case, the cadet tournament will no longer start with the famous “X” and “Y”, that is, the decision of the Serie B assembly, which decided to hold the championship on March 18-19. August with a Y (Reggina or Brescia) in the calendar before the final announcement on August 29th.

Now Lega B has updated the rankings and calendar on their website with the addition of Lecco. On the first day of the championship, the Lombard team will challenge Pisa at the Garibaldi Arena.

However, an X (ie the X associated with Reggina whose appeal was dismissed) remains in both the leaderboard and calendar.

Finally, in Serie C, Atalanta U23 is ready to take the place of Siena, whose appeal was rejected (the club had not received the necessary documentation for registration).

Reggina was expelled after Covisoc accused her of non-payment of certain salaries, notably the players’ last three months’ wages, as well as the last five months of INPS and the last four months of Irpef. which was already associated with a penalty last season. As previously mentioned, Lecco had been ruled out due to a delay in submitting documentation on the stadium to be used for next season’s home games: in this case the Euganeo Stadium in Padua, as Rigamonti-Ceppi did not meet standards for series B

The next and crucial stage in the Council of State, the final level of non-sporting judgment in case of further appeals from non-approved clubs. The hearing is set for August 29, although Lega Serie B have asked for the possibility of bringing it forward before the start of the league.

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